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Baril Coatings is a developer and producer of high-quality, industrial coatings and construction paints that are very durable. We deliver them worldwide to steel and utility construction, OEM and the metal industry, marine and offshore and to painting companies.

  • DualCure
  • SteelKote
  • Aquaran
  • Unicure
  • Roboton
  • Copperant

The DualCure thin layer technology guarantees unprecedented wear resistance, strong adhesion and lasting flexibility. This way, the coating provides the life-long steel protection in a C5 environment. Applying DualCure immediately leads to a significant reduction of CO2 and VOC emissions. Due to the very quick drying process, the production process is accelerated, less staffing is required and the number of logistical operations is reduced.

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SteelKote coatings are very dense in structure and therefore almost impermeable. This makes the coatings extremely suitable for immersion in soil and fresh water, as well as salt and brackish water. SteelKote guarantees extreme corrosion protection in all atmospheric conditions. Furthermore, the technology behind SteelKote ensures that this is possible with significantly less layer thickness than other conventional systems.

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Aquaran are waterborne single and two-component coatings suitable for industrial product finishing and the protection of steel structures. It delivers excellent results. Our Aquaran coatings pass durability standards easily when compared to traditional solvent-based coatings.

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UniCure is our product line for marine or offshore applications. The coatings are NORSOK certified and qualified for immersion. UniCure coatings offer high chemical resistance, extreme mechanical properties (hardness, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance), together with superior anti-corrosion and barrier effect.

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The Roboton product portfolio includes solvent-free and waterborne coating systems and floor coatings, especially for projects that need to be used quickly after application (quick return to service). From decorative, abrasion-resistant floor finishes to highly chemical-resistant coating systems for concrete tanks and silos.

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Copperant is the quality brand for professional painters who want to show true colours and choose durable craftsmanship. With the bio-based paints Pura, Quattro, Ycoleum and Minérale, Copperant presents a complete package for indoor and outdoor use. Applicable on many types of surfaces and can be used in various conditions. For more information: call +31 (0)73 641 98 90 or mail to

Protecting the world

Baril Coatings wishes to help its customers protect their properties in a sustainable way, while at the same time reducing their global footprint.

Our ambition is to achieve more with less:
• Extending the lifespan of material by preserving material
• Less coating thanks to thin layer technology
• Better protection
• Less maintenance (costs)
• Less material thanks to recycling
• Less hazardous substances in the products
• Low-emission production



  • We believe that paint must serve the environment. We care about society.



  • We are constantly looking for better solutions that make the difference.


  • Autonomous enterprise that sets its own course.



  • We believe in our own strength and work purposefully to realise our ambitions.


  • Our evidence based policy requires we are accessible, honest and involved.

Our Markets

  • Construction & Infra
  • Industry & Machine Construction
  • Marine & Offshore
  • Buildings & Maintenance

Sustainable corrosion protection

Outdoor and exposed steelwork requires cost-effective and durable protection against corrosion (up to C5). Baril's DualCure and SteelKote coatings are notable for their durability, flexibility, adhesion, ease of application, corrosion resistance and chemical and mechanical resistance. We achieved this as a result of our high level of expertise in coating chemistry, combined with a great deal of attention to the needs and wishes of our customers.

Quick-drying coatings

For industry and mechanical engineering, we have product lines of durable coating solutions that meet every industrial requirement for a long-lasting finish. This technology also makes it possible to significantly reduce your VOC emissions. Baril offers environmentally responsible solutions for the metal industry. The coatings optimally protect machines and equipment against damages. A lot of time can be saved in the production process thanks to the quick-drying properties and wet-in-wet application.

NORSOK-certified coatings

Our pioneering position in the field of coating chemistry has resulted in a range of high solids and solvent-free coatings for the protection of onshore and offshore industry and the shipbuilding and repair industry. Our product line for marine and offshore offers a wide range of top products/systems for the durable protection of steel under severe conditions.

• All products are qualified for immersion (NORSOK and IM 1,2 and 3)
• Ocean-proof, abrasion-resistant and extreme mechanical properties
• Maximum protection against corrosion
• Longer service intervals and reduced maintenance costs

Sustainable construction paints and floor coatings

Copperant, our eco-friendly bio-based paint, offers professional painters the opportunity to protect buildings in a sustainable way, while contributing to a healthy and safe living environment. With Roboton's solvent-free and water-based floor coatings, concrete floors, walls, balconies, stairs and wooden floors are durably protected. These coatings are produced entirely with solar energy generated by ourselves.

• Less CO2 emissions in the environment
• Reducing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
• Lower maintenance intervals
• Ease of processing and excellent returns

Boundless ambition

Baril Coatings is an innovative development company that is constantly looking for experts who want to strengthen our team. Together with our employees and partners in Europe and the US, we have made Baril Coatings a success. We are immensely proud of our enthusiastic experts and our teams. Thanks to their dedication and spirit, we give shape to our pioneering and groundbreaking initiatives.


Our company celebrated its 35th birthday in November 2017. This anniversary year was a good moment to look back on wonderful and exciting years in which the company has developed into an international market player. It was certainly also a moment to look ahead to a sustainable future full of innovative developments. One thing is clear, Baril Coatings is a company focused on a more sustainable society and where people are central. But especially wer are driven by our product; the coatings we develop and produce. We have a strong mission; We want to help customers protect their properties in a sustainable way, combined with reducing their global footprint. Our ambition is to achieve more with less. We are future-oriented and want to permanently take care of our environment, our people and custromers.


Baril Coatings started producing paints and coatings in 1982. The company has since grown into a real developer of innovative, sustainable coating solutions and is active worldwide with production locations in the Netherlands, the US and Poland.

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