Music Venue 013

Music Venue 013

The Dutch music venue 013 was given its distinctive exterior of a soft material with CDs attached in 1998, designed by Benthem Crouwel Architects. In 2015, the City of Tilburg commissioned a thorough renovation of the building. BUREAU FRANKEN was asked for the management of this big project. In May 2019 it was time to renovate the exterior.

To protect the CD’s on the exterior against weather conditions and wearing the CD’s are treated with Baril’s coatings. I-S-T spuittechniek is a company specialized in spray application and they coated the CDs with the Adhesion Promotor and with the Hybrid Duraclear for a long lasting protection.

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Object: 013 Music venue
Client: City of Tilburg
Projectmanagement:  Bureau Franken
Contractor: Van de Ven, Bouw en Ontwikkeling
Application coating: I-S-T Spuittechniek
Renovation period: 2015-2019

Applicated coating system:

Layer 1: 586 Hybrid duraclear
Layer 2: 084 Adhesion promotor