Rich history

Baril Coatings started in 1982 with the production of paint and coatings in Moerkapelle. A number of committed employees have been active in the company from day one. They have seen the company grow from a small-scale paint maker from a shed to an internationally operating coatings producer.

1982 Founded - November 12 in Moerkapelle

Relocation to newly built premises in 's-Hertogenbosch

1990 Introduction 'High Solid' epoxies
1994-'95 Start using acrylics
1998 Participation in Coatings Care program and this included in own annual report
2001 Management buy out
2002 Incentive Award Best Entrepreneurs Vision, theme: CSR

Acquisition of Fortis Coatings recipes and customer base
Focus on reducing solvent


Founding Baril Coatings Polska
New construction and expansion of production


Purchase color mixing machine for water-based products

2006 Founding Baril Coatings USA
Start monitoring CO2 company footprint
2007 Acquisition Farball Coatings / Copperant Etten-Leur
2009 Dutch patent DCC Technology
2010 Focus on biobased raw materials as core values ​​for the company
2012 First collaboration between different parties for biobased binding agents

Introduction of biobased paints
Death of Hans Broeders


Takeover by Geert Duijghuisen (management buy out)


Rijkswaterstaat approval for application portals with DualCure 2-layer paint system

2014 Introduction Copperant Pura, completely safe for people and the environment
  Minority interest Jeroen and Teun Duijghuisen
2015 DCC patented in EU, USA and Canada
Best managed company 2015
2016 Start annual registration CO2 company footprint
  EU Ecolabel for Pura product line

Solar roof at production locations Etten-Leur and 's-Hertogenbosch
Production location Etten-Leur runs entirely on solar energy, Den Bosch partly
Opening of new ultramodern laboratory


Partner in founding plant-based consumer brand fairf


Introducing Copperant Minérale product line with EU ecolabel


Introducing SteelKote (formerly 4P)


Development Sustainability hotspot scan in collaboration with MVO NL and TNO


Collaboration between different parties for biobased binding agents
Partner in founding plant-based consumer brand Mommy Paint


Introduction Copperant Altra wall paint line


Start Baril Academy
Majority interest Jeroen and Teun Duijghuisen


Became full owner of plant-based consumer brands fairf and Mommy Paint


Fully electric vehicle fleet


Introduction Copperant Flora product line

  Introduction Copperant Altra lacquer line
  Introduction Hybrid product line
2022 Economy for the Common Good (ECG)-certificate achieved
  First Copperant products with Cradle-to-Cradle certificate
  40 years Baril Coatings

John, Ad and Ruud Broeders have been involved with Baril Coatings from the start. Their brother Hans was one of the founders and soon asked his brothers to join the company.