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Superior sustainability combined with extremely quick curing time. The patented DualCure coatings form a new generation of cold-cure coatings with a very quick curing time without the addition of extra energy or warmth. Because of the reaction with moisture from the air a very dense molecular mesh forms. This mesh makes the coating very strong and flexible. With this technology, we prove that it is possible to combine outstanding quality, processability and sustainability in one product.


60% thinner

Ultra quick


Life-long protection
DualCure protects an object during its complete economic lifespan. For this reason, minimal maintenance is needed and it thus reduces your maintenance costs. DualCure coatings offer NORSOK-certified systems for protection against all weather influences and corrosion.

Reduction of transport and assembly damage
Thanks to the quick curing damages to the coating during the assembly and transport are greatly reduced.

Lower environmental impact
Because of its high solids content and the cold-cure characteristics DualCure helps with reducing the global carbon footprint and lowering VOC emissions. Furthermore, the thin layer technology also makes it so that less m2 of paint is needed.

DualCure coatings have undergone the most intensive tests and trials in daily life and passed. The test reports show especially high scorings when it comes to salt spray test and flexibility.

Two layers within one day
DualCure dries very quickly and should be applied with two layers maximum. This speeds up the production process, makes it so that less personnel is needed and sets back the number of logistical actions.

Wear-resistant and low maintenance
DualCure guarantees unheard of wear-resistance, strong adhesion and lasting flexibility. For this reason, this coating offers life-long protection of the surface. With two layers of DualCure, making for a total layer thickness of 200 μm, the surface is protected for at least 25 years in a C5-environment.

Up to 60% thinner layers
DualCure offers optimal protection with very thin layers. So less paint is needed. The use of DualCure directly leads to a strong reduction of CO2 and VOC emissions. Even with a total layer thickness of 100 μm DualCure provides 25 years of protection (in a C3-environment).