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With SteelKote the years of innovation strength of Baril Coatings is bundled into one product line of high-quality coatings for the ultimate protection of steel. The SteelKote product line is made up out of products that have been developed and improved throughout the past three decennia en which have proven themselves in the most extreme of atmospherical circumstances. 


40% thinner



Ultimate steel protection
SteelKote systems protect steel for a long period of time. Intervals of up to 25 years for large maintenance are possible. Thus, maintenance costs are brought to a minimum. SteelKote coatings offer NORSOK-certified systems for protection against heavy weather influences and corrosion.

Lowered environmental impact
Because of the high content of solids and the use of thin-layer technology less coating is needed per m2. This greatly reduces the amount of VOC emissions but also lowers the price per cubic meter by quite a bit.

The coatings have gone through the most intensive tests and trials in daily use and succeded. The test reports show high scoring in among others salt spray tests and flexibility.

More with less
With SteelKote the surface is proved against all kinds of atmospherical influences for a very long period of time. In addition to this, the technique behind SteelKote makes it so that this is done with thinner layers than conventional paint systems.

Extreme corrosion and wear-resistance
SteelKote guarantees extreme corrosion resistance in all atmospherical circumstances (according to ISO 12944). SteelKote is very wear-resistant and thus offers the perfect protection in every class of corrosion.

Impenetrable and chemical resistant
SteelKote coatings are very dense in structure and therefore are just about impenetrable and watertight. This makes the coating perfectly suited for immersion into the ground and fresh, salt and brackish water.