Paint systems for metal protection

Steel constructions exposed to the eir require cost-effective and sustainable protection against corrosion. Baril's coatings stand out because of their sustainability, flexibility, adhesion, ease of application, resistance against corrosion and chemical and mechanical stress. This all is the result of our great competence in the field of coating-chemics in combination with lots of attention for the needs and wishes of our clients. Please contact our technical-commercial advisor for paint systems on plastics and aluminum.

Paint systems for ships

Paint systems for buildings and maintenance

Baril Coatings has an environmentally friendly and bio-based paint for professional painters, Copperant, for paintwork. Through Copperant we offer professional painters the possibility to sustainably protect their objects such as buildings in a sustainable manner, while also helping with keeping our environment a healthy place. Go to Copperant's website for paint for sustainable painting.