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transition from fossil to biobased raw materials

With Baril Biobased Coatings, you can reduce your CO2 footprint
without compromising on quality.

reduces global footprint

Lowers ECI score

Positive effect on LCA score

improved safety rating

100% RENEWABLE energy

The additional advantage of using biobased raw materials over fossil raw materials, is that they are more easily extracted and can be processed using less energy. A win-win situation because this makes the overall CO2 balance significantly more favourable.

CO2 fixation with coatings
The Baril Biobased Coatings are specifically developed to reduce the CO2 footprint of the project, while maintaining high-quality protection combined with rapid curing. It is applicable as a multifunctional coating system with extreme corrosion resistance. 

What does that mean for you?
We believe that our customers do not have to choose between durability, price and quality. In fact, this new biobased coating can outperform conventional solutions with lower dry film thickness. Protection with the 803BIO SteelKote provides a lower Environmental Cost Indicator score (ECI), a better safety rating and a positive effect on Life Cycle Analysis (LCA).

With the EU Green Deal in mind, clients and governments will have to focus more and more on this. Reducing the CO2 footprint without compromising on quality and creating an advantage in tenders, really can be done!