Baril Coatings celebrated its 40th anniversary on 12 November 2022. A good time to look back on very exciting years in which the company developed into an international market player. But certainly also a moment to look ahead to a sustainable future full of innovative developments. The ambitious strategic plan for the coming years is ready. Baril Coatings has set itself the goal of using only 100% renewable raw materials for its coatings by 2030.

Looking back
Baril Coatings started producing paints and coatings in Moerkapelle in 1982. A number of committed employees have been active in the company from the very beginning. They have seen the company grow from small-scale paint maker from a shed to an internationally operating coating producer. But what makes Baril Coatings different from other paint producers? It lies largely in the fact that the driven entrepreneurial Duijghuisen family often dares to make slightly different choices. For father Geert, entrepreneurship was a leap of faith and certainly not always easy, but pioneering and thinking in terms of possibilities is where the passion comes from.

More with less
Because let's be clear, Baril Coatings is a company where the focus is on a more sustainable society and where people are central. Of course, it's all about the basic product; the coatings they develop and produce. But they do this from a mission; to help customers protect their objects sustainably while reducing their global footprint. Baril Coatings' ambition is to achieve more with less with a passionate team of professionals, now and in the future.

You can only do this by continuously innovating. In the modern laboratory, we work daily to expand and further develop high-quality products. This with a strong focus on the transition to renewable and vegetable-based raw materials. A process of trial and error, because the end is unknown. It is constantly looking for opportunities and pushing the boundaries. Baril Coatings therefore talks about #greenisdoing, it is a matter of wanting to do better and keep trying this out. Within the framework of entrepreneurship, sustainability is always chosen in the broadest sense of the word. For example, Baril Coatings is also working on even cleaner factories and safe workplaces. For several years, the vehicle fleet is already fully electric, there are solar panels on the factories and last year the Etten-Leur site was equipped with a heat pump installation with heat recovery system. A great guideline for the company are the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, which are being implemented step by step.

Motivated team
To achieve all this, the company works closely with various external parties and research bodies. But Baril Coatings' greatest asset is its committed and passionate team. They believe in their own strengths and work purposefully to realise the ambitions with responsibility towards employees and our living environment. This way, they work together towards the best possible high-quality sustainable paint systems based on renewable raw materials.

The anniversary will be celebrated internally on Friday 11 November in grand style with staff, their families and other stakeholders. But customers and external parties will also notice something of the celebration and ambitions for the coming years. A first step is the restyling of the cans. These have been given a clear new style that increases the visibility of Baril Coatings.