Copperant products cradle to cradle certified

Copperant products cradle to cradle certified

We have our first Cradle to Cradle certification for our biobased paint! The Copperant Pura Lacquer high gloss, silk gloss and matt have achieved a C2C Bronze Certificate. A big compliment for the initiator of the greening of the paint pool. For years, a lot of time and money has been invested in developing and producing sustainable products of a high quality level. The process of certifying the other products in the Pura range, such as the Pura Wall Paint and Multiprimer, is still ongoing. But we also expect to obtain the certificate for these products. With this, the greenest paint in the Netherlands has taken another step towards obtaining sustainable and circular quality marks that show that we do what we say and say what we do.

Cradle to Cradle
The central idea of the philosophy behind Cradle to Cradle is that all the materials used, after their life in one product, can be put to good use in another product. To obtain C2C certification, you are checked for the composition of the materials, possibilities to reuse the materials, use of renewable energy, sustainable water management and social justice. Current methods for sustainable product development focus on limiting the negative impact and thus reducing the product's footprint. Making the product "less bad" consists of choosing cleaner and renewable / biobased raw materials, making the product more economical in use, and optimising it for recycling. This is a process that Baril Coatings, Copperant's parent company, has been working on for many years. Under the motto 'more with less', this innovative company is constantly trying to take a step forward in the production of quality products based on bio-based raw materials instead of fossil raw materials. The good coverage ensures that less paint is used and the long-lasting protection ensures longer maintenance intervals.

More than just 'green paint'
Copperant's products are more than just 'green paint'. As a company, we are committed to a sustainable society by producing responsibly and with low emissions using 100% sustainable energy (our own solar panels combined with certified wind energy) and by limiting waste through recycling and waste separation. We reduce the use of hazardous substances as much as possible, work on a clean and safe working environment and our fleet consists of electric cars.

Sustainable craftsmanship
Copperant is Baril Coatings' quality brand for professional painters who want to show their colours and consciously opt for sustainable craftsmanship. Baril Coatings focuses on solutions that suit the client and respect the environment. With the Pura, Quattro, Minérale, Flora and Altra, Copperant presents a complete bio-based package for indoor and outdoor use that can be widely applied on many types of surfaces. For more than a century, the paint has been giving colour and gloss to monuments, farms and houses. The brand for the professional painter used to be made by Verffabriek Het Y in Amsterdam. The recipes for the paint have been well preserved and prove to be very valuable in the ongoing development of the sustainable paint. Since 2007, the paint has been produced by Baril Coatings in Etten-Leur.