Economy for the Common Goods certificate obtained

Economy for the Common Goods certificate obtained

On Wednesday 23 March, Baril Coatings was the first company in The Netherlands to receive the Economy for the Common Good (ECG) certificate, together with another company, SNEW - Circular Telecom & IT from Boxtel. Technical Director Joost Broeders received this certificate from Estefania Matesanz Medina of the Dutch ECG Hub.

Baril Coatings is one of the pioneering companies with which the 'True Profit Brabant' working group met to start this process. Thanks to the unbridled efforts of Joost Broeders and Suzanne Smits of Baril Coatings and under peer supervision, the company was able to successfully implement this practical method. “This special certificate puts the community at the center of our actions,” says Joost Broeders. “By committing ourselves to this idea, we show that we really mean it when it comes to sustainable business. Creating value for the environment and our staff is our goal without leaving a negative impact (damage to people and the environment)”.

Why this certificate for Baril Coatings?
Obtaining the EKG certificate seems an apparently impossible task for a paint manufacturer. But the opposite is true. Protect and embellish home & hearth, bridges, buildings, lighting, (agricultural) machines with paints based on biobased, circular and renewable raw materials. That's what Baril Coatings can do. Achieving the maximum with little paint. All construction paints are now biobased. The premium protective coatings are also based on the patented thin film technology and already contain biobased raw materials. With a little paint a lifetime of protection.

Incentive to continue on a sustainable path
Joost Broeders: “However, we are not there yet. Still too dependent on fossil raw materials, but fortunately the supply of biobased and circular raw materials is increasing visibly. The switch to water-based, also in the Protective Coatings market, is being stimulated thanks to stricter working conditions and environmental requirements. But our own initiatives with suppliers and knowledge institutions will also accelerate the transition. Obtaining this certificate is a confirmation of our choices, but above all an incentive to continue on the sustainable path”.