Greenwash is a network of modern self-service car washes in the Tbilisi region of Georgia. These car washes are open to the public 24/7. For the corrosion protection of these car wash boxes, Greenwash has opted for the products of Baril Coatings. 

The coating work is professionally carried out by LTD Baril Caucasia. After the ST3 pre-treatment, the coating system is built up by means of brush roll application with 3 layers of 803 SteelKote EP AC+ and 2 layers of 812 SteelKote PU Finish 60 UV+.

These car wash boxes from Greenwash in the Tbilisi region have now been protected for years against water, dirt and weather conditions.


Client: Greenwash
Application coating: LTD Baril Caucasia
Completion: 2021
Location: Tblisi region in Georgia

Applicated coating system:

Layer 1: 803 SteelKote EP AC+ 120μm
Layer 2: 812 SteelKote PU Finish 60 UV+  80μm
Total:   200μm