Rome Plow Company

Rome Plow Company

Rome Plow Company is located in Georgia USA and was founded in 1932. Rome Plow manufactures large agricultural plows. Rome has been the leader in setting rugged quality standards for tillage equipment for almost eighty years. Thousands of Rome Disc Plowing Harrows are on duty the world over, simplifying the job of land preparation - in every climate, and on all types of soil.

Rome Plow Company has been working with Baril’s coatings since 2013. Before 2013 they used a paint that took 8 hours to dry. As a result, Rome could only fill their production line once a day. After that the employees were sent home and came back the next day to assemble the plows. By switching to Baril’s coatings, Rome is able to fill the production line three times a day. That is a threefold increase in production, and they’ve also improved the overall quality of their final product.


Client: Rome Plow Company
Branch: Agricultural machines
Location: Cedartown, Georgia USA
Field of activity: Worldwide

Applicated coating system:

Layer 1:

SteelKote series Epoxy Primer
Layer 2: SteelKote series FInish Coat