The Sint-Janscathedral

The Sint-Janscathedral

Schildersbedrijf Brabander is a painting company that exists over 100 years and they have a very wide range of services they provide. From industrial coating to the restauration of monuments. Schildersbedrijf Brabander works with the products of Baril Coatings for years now especially when it comes to steel constructions. 

Two company’s from the same city, s-Hertogenbosch, that work on the symbol of that city: the Sint-Janscathedral. 

The Sint-Janscathedral in the heart of ‘s-Hertogenbosch is a national monument. It finds its origin about the year 1220, but the building gets the shape as we know it nowaday’s when they started to build in gothic architectural style around 1380. Willem van Kessel was responsible for the design. The building is seen as a highlight in Brabantse gothic (a gothic style that was typical for the region). In 1559 the Sint-Janschurch was elevated to cathedral.


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Construction name: The Sint Janscathedral
Application coating: Schildersbedrijf Brabander
Coated parts: Clock and cramp-irons
Completion: May 2021
Location: 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands

Applicated coating system:

Layer 1: 848 SteelKote MC HB Primer
Layer 2: 804 SteelKote EP Universal
Layer 3: 812 SteelKote PU Finish 60