Project 'Voortdurend'

Project 'Voortdurend'

In a park in Amsterdam that connects two districts a dike has been excavated. Once this was a real dike which has seen many storms on the Zuiderzee. The dike has disappeared but what remained was a difference of the groundlevel. This difference is absorbed by a concrete retaining wall. As a reminder of the Zuiderzee, a 170-metre-long bank now flows over this retaining wall.

The seat has been built out of two intertwined waves: one with narrow yellow stripes and one with wider blue ones. The blue ones get darker in color, the yellow color stays the same. De reflection of the sun on the flowing IJ was the inspiration for the colors in one seat. Because the stripes of the wave in the back are slightly tilted and because of the curves of the structure an effect is created that resembles a wave of the sea when you pas the object. The name of this structure is ‘Voortdurend’ which translate to ‘Ongoing’.

The seat has been made of a coated, laser cut galvanized steel. Petersen Metaalbescherming coated the steel parts with DualCure coating from Baril Coatings. This coating was chosen because of the quick drying qualities. The parts could be placed on location within a week. The coating has a minimum layer thickness and secures a strong scratch resistant protection for the lifespan of this extraordinary piece of art.


Construction name: Voortdurend
Client: Municipality Amsterdam
Architect: Studio Wessels Boer
Constructor: De Wilde Metaal
Application coating: Petersen Metaalbescherming
Year of build: 2021
Involved stakeholders:

Voortdurend has been made possible by AFK, BPD, VORM, Synchroon and Bouwinvest

Completion: 2021

Houthaven, Amsterdam

Applicated coating system:

Layer 1: 306 DualCure Zinc Primer 60μm
Layer 2: 171i2 DualCure SX DTM Finish 60 60μm
Total:   120μm